First challenge: Making an avatar

So the very first challenge briefed to us was to find objects around our home that have some meaning and say something about us, and then to make them into a custom avatar of ourselves.

My ‘avatar’

The image above is my submission and I have to say I felt a bit like Neil Buchanan in Art Attack making this one ;D

Here is a breakdown of each of the objects and why I chose them:

  • Guitar: This is my electric guitar, the make is Vintage, a lesser known brand and this is a Telecaster model. My amp, which I couldn’t fit in the picture is a Marshall MG30FX. I have played guitar on and off since I was 14 and I have had a few attempts at being in bands. I don’t play as much as I used to as I largely focus on visual art these days but its still something I do now and then and it would be good to have an outlet for it.
  • Sketchbook/Paint Palette/Pencils/Fine liners: Ok several objects here. Its a selection of art stationery to reflect that I enjoy drawing and painting. The drawing of this is one I did during Inktober of last year and is Monkey from Journey to the West.
  • Passport: I chose this partly because its a fairly concrete and matter of fact reflection of my identity and also because I enjoy travelling or at least I did prior to the pandemic. You will also notice my passport is Irish. I was born in England but both of my parents are Irish and I am therefore also an Irish citizen 😀
  • Bokken: This is a wooden Japanese practice sword. I chose this because its an object that reflects my overall interest in martial arts. I had primarily been doing Wing Chun, but I have started to explore other martial arts too, including Aikido and Jiujitsu, which is why I have started practising with a bokken.
  • Mouse: This is a computer mouse because I thought it would be a good idea to have at least something the reflects my interest in gaming. These days I am more of a PC gamer than a console gamer, so I thought this would reflect it well. The mouse pictured is actually an older mouse and not the one I currently use but it was too much effort to unplug my current mouse from the back of the computer, haha.

Hope you all enjoy looking at my avatar.

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