Rapid Ideation Session Day 1: The theme


As I said yesterday, I would start each day of the session by answering three three reflective questions, which must be addressed at each day of a Scrum sprint. The first post of every day will begin with a section that addresses these questions, before going into the main part of the post.

If I was working in real life and with a team, this would be known as a ‘Stand-up meeting’. But seen as it is not a spoken, real-time meeting, I have decided to just refer to this section as the ‘Stand-up’, until I can think of a more reasonable name for it.

What did I do yesterday?

I wrote up a post that stated what I am intending to do during the course of this session and how I will manage my project, according to the Scrum methodology. I then attended a seminar in the evening in which the theme of the rapid ideation session was revealed. More details of this are below.

What I intend to do today?

Brainstorming for my idea, according to the theme that was revealed last night.

What is blocking my progress?

Nothing as of yet, but perhaps my anxiety could be an issue. I will do what I intend to do today and see what happens.

The theme

The rapid ideation session has finally kicked off and the theme was revealed at last night’s seminar (White, J. and Rubino, G., 2021.). Rather than being a prompt word, as I thought it might have been, the selection of the theme was carried out very differently. The theme of the session has been split into two parts.

The first part was chosen at random. Giovanni had a deck of cards from a game called Dixit. Each of the cards had a picture on them and they very closely resembled Tarot cards. The card that he chose – and the one that would form part of the basis of this theme – was the one pictured below.

An abstract impressionist image. It depicts a naked angel-like figure sculpted as an ancient Greek statue, with a creepy mask divided in half showing a happy expression and a horrible, disgruntled one on the other side. One hand holds a scale and the other a scythe. The colors are mainly graduations of yellows

At first glance, the card is a creature which has elements of both an angel and devil. They are also holding a weighing scales, which are associated with Libra, the seventh signs of the Western Zodiac (Stapleton, D. 2020). Some connection could possibly be drawn between the angelic/demonic character and Libra, but I will have to brainstorm to work out what that is or what it could be.

For the second part of the theme, this needed to be decided by us. We have been briefed to go onto a news website or look through a newspaper and select a headline (not an article) that grabs my attention. I will then use and interpret the words to come up with ideas for the concept.

I am not sure where the fusion of ideas between the demonic Libra picture and my chosen headline will develop, but this is something I will work out in the brainstorming stage.

In the next post, which I am aiming and hoping to post out later today, I will document my brainstorming around both the card picture and my chosen headline. I need to ensure I don’t rush this stage and that I am relaxed and open about it as possible.


Stapleton, D. 2020. Libra Zodiac Sign: Characteristics, Dates, & More. [online] Astrology.com. Available at: <https://www.astrology.com/zodiac-signs/libra> [Accessed 18 February 2021].

White, J. and Rubino, G., 2021. Weekly Seminar – 17th February 2021.

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