Rapid Ideation Session Day 14: Death and Respawn

I have managed to fix the death and respawn function. To do this, I looked for alternative sources and I found this tutorial on YouTube which provided a very simple solution for causing the character to die on contact with a certain object and then respawing at the beginning of the scene, which used box colliders and scripting (Unity, 2021).

Here is how the death/respawn function works in my game now.

The only thing it lack is that it is very automatic and does not allow for a particularly dramatic death. The player hits the spikes and is taken straight to the beginning of the level. It would be good to find a way to delay this process so that there can be a bit of death animation before the player returns to the beginning. Unlike Muddy Wolf Games’ solution (if it had worked for me), it also does not allow respawning in a new custom part of the map but rather wherever the sprite is already placed in the scene.

These are things I can explore further in future game projects.


bblakeyyy681, 2019. HOW TO KILL AND RESPAWN PLAYER-Unity Tutorial.

Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H69PfxOr6bk> [Accessed 3 March 2021].

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