Rapid Ideation Session Day 13: Glitchy level

I have been working on my level for two days and the above image demonstrates how it looks (Unity, 2021).

I have also made this video to demonstrate its functionality at present.

As you can see, the level is incredibly glitchy.

I have been successfully able to do the following

  • create ladders that the player can climb up and down using scripting, albeit glitchy and without a climbing animation
  • the player dies when he hits the spikes
  • the player can push objects that have a dynamic Rigidbody attached
  • the player can explore the level
  • Simple environmental animation, using the Animation window and keyframing – namley moving platforms
  • A camera that tracks the player
  • A respawn pinpoint

What I am having trouble with:

  • When the character dies, he respawns but then falls through the environment
  • When the character stands on a platform, the platform continues without him and he needs to run in order to catch it up

What I have yet to do:

  • Creating a function that unlocks doors depending on whether a switch has been set. This will involve scritpts that trigger actions as a result of collisions or a change in certain parameters.
  • Some non-sentient moving obstacles for the player
  • Create climbing animation.

Given that I have roughly 29 hours left of this rapid ideation session, as of the time I write this, it is unlikely I will be able to solve all of these and complete the level. But I realise that completing the level was not entirely the point but it was more about developing the skills and reflecting upon how and why I use these skills. I will do what I can to pad out my level until tomorrow evening’s seminar.

Either way, I have learnt a lot of technical skill, as well as skills for improving my critical reflection and also a lot about myself. I will be able to report on these in the coming days.


Unity Technologies. 2021. Unity (2021). [Software]

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