Rapid Ideation Session Day 2: Stand-up

As I have already mentioned, I will be posting a ‘Stand-up’, every day in which I will address 3 questions that allow me to reflect on my progress during this project, as per the Scrum methodology.

I was initially going to post these as a section on the first post of each day, but I have now decided that I will post them as their own separate post at the beginning of each day, so as to not disrupt the flow of any other posts that document my actual work.

Here is my Stand-up for day 2…

What did I do yesterday?

I did the brainstorming for the second component of the theme. I deviated from it by selecting multiple headlines as opposed to just one. I applied the Cut-up technique which is believed to be pioneered by the Dadaists and famously used by the likes of David Bowie, William S Burroughs and Thom Yorke to come up with ideas for their artwork.

I arranged my cut up words and phrases into abstract and surreal sentences which I documented in a short animation and I then shortlisted the ones that most stood out for me.

What I intend to do today?

Brainstorming around the Libra demon picture, generating ideas based on elements within the picture and also what they represent.

What is blocking my progress?

Nothing as of yet. I am just indecisive about whether I should do my brainstorming digitally or on paper.

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