Rapid Ideation Session Day 5: Ideation

I spent yesterday and today trying to generate ideas for game concepts

As you will see above, Mars and Venus were recurring themes in my work and I will likely make a game that in some way connects to this.

Here are some of the concepts I have come up with so far.

  • Martians have been driven underground because of a climate crisis on Mars. Earth launches space probes to check for life on Mars. These probes evolve, become sentient and develop a civilisation on the surface. Tensions arise between the Martians under the ground and the probes on the surface
  • A space probe is launched to Mars. It crash lands and is presumed lost. 30 years later, it has evolved and developed sentience. It tries to return to Earth.
  • The last Martian is left on Mars. To survive, it must build a space craft and emigrate to Earth.
  • A town is without power and runs the risk of flooding. You need to find a way to restore power and prevent the flood.

Most of them are quite similar and they are quite a radical departure from the theme, even if they did evolve from the theme, but I am pretty happy with these so far.

In order to make a game in the short time I have left, I will need to shrink my chosen concept down and also consider mechanics.

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