Rapid Ideation Session Day 7: Stand-up

What did I do yesterday?

I started building the foundations of my game. I build the start of a basic game level, which has a combination of my own artwork and assets that I obtained from the Unity Asset store. I designed a player character sprite, along with its animation.

I watched most of the material on reflective writing on Canvas.

What I intend to do today?

I will continue programming the character sprite so that it can run and jump with animation. I will have a read up on level design and decide whether I will design this with multiple levels or just one long level, depending on how much time I have.

I will also attend tonight’s online seminar. I need to watch the video on Canvas about SMART goals and I will then need to go back and tag posts according to which SMART goal they meet.

What is blocking my progress?

Lack of Unity and scripting knowledge, although I am working on ways around this, including the use of assets and scripts from other developers.

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