Rapid Ideation Session Day 8: Stand-up

What did I do yesterday?

I applied character animation to the player character sprite. It can now run, jump and has a bit of movement while it is not standing.

I watched the videos on SMART goals and the five domains of critical reflection on Canvas and also did my own reading on both of these subjects.

According to the weekly challenge activity, I went through my blog and tagged them according to each of the five domains they address to see where I most address these domains in my critical reflection and where needs more work.

I then assessed the goal I set for myself at the beginning of the rapid ideation session and I reassessed it and made it more concise to meet the criteria of a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound) goal.

I attended the weekly seminar in the evening in which everyone discussed their progress and shared their work. The tutors also reminded us the overall intentions of the rapid ideation session. It was great to touch base with everyone and to learn that others had similar experiences to me. It is a pity we cannot easily interact and share ideas on a regular basis, as we would have been able to in a real life campus.

What I intend to do today?

Read up on level design, as well as the best practices. Learn how to create a game that encompasses multiple levels but still maintains a continuity, i.e. scores or items you collect from previous levels carry over to the next level.

What is blocking my progress?

None as such. Making good use of assets to get this done and its only a matter of doing the reading and the work to make this happen.

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