Second Rapid Ideation Day 5: Torso and legs

I have now moved onto creating the torso and legs for the Curupira (Blender, 2021). I did this by extruding edges from the neck, which I then scaled in both front and side views to match my reference drawing. Again, I did this according to Darren Lile’s tutorial (Lile, D., 2020).

This is a screenshot of me using Darrin Lile’s tutorial to model the Curupira’s torso

Once I had done this, I then needed to create the hips and to join the edges at the groin. I then created edge loops to make this more rounded.

This part was particularly challenging because in the reference drawing, the Curupira is wearing leaves around his waist and this meant I had to guess where his hips ended and legs began.

Second guessing where his legs begin

It was also important that the model had clearly defined knees so I did need to continuously tweak the vertices and edges to ensure that the upper and lower legs were in proportion. Once I was satisfied with this, I then scaled in the areas that the knees bend and then produded a few vertices to give the knee more definition.

Managed to build his legs down to the ankles

So far, I am satisfied with the results, next I need to model his feet and eventually create his arms.

Github repository

For the first time, I have brought all the changes on the headmodelling branch through to the main branch (Github Desktop, 2021)

I have also tidied up the main branch to remove the redundant numbered files that I initially began working on.

I can still see that the headmodelling branch exists which means that all of this early work is still salvaged, even if it has been moved to the main for now. If any subsequent versions of the file corrupt or I make a critical error, I will have the work on this branch to fall back on.

I have created a brand new branch that I have created called bodymodelling and I have committed all the work that I have documented in this post to this branch.


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