Second Rapid Ideation Session Day 3: Head

I have been using Lile’s tutorial (Lile, D., 2020.) and I have used a Polygon plane to model the head of the Curupira by extruding around the parts of the face and then extruding around the the back of the head, using the reference the build the back on the head.

I have also modelled a pair of eyes using spheres which consist of an iris and a cornea.

There has been a lot of alternating between both front and side views to do this. I have used extrusions, as well as smoothing vertices to make this as smooth and organic looking as possible, as well as moving the vertices individually so that it matches up with the original drawings.

So far progress is going well, even if slow. But this is something I need to take my time with.

I particularly found moving the eye holes so that they surrounded the eye and matched the shape of his eyes very challenging.

Github repository

I have made two commits to my repository in the past two days (Github Desktop, 2021):

  • head and eye: this was to cover the modelling of the eye and also the head, but it was incomplete.
  • Head, neck and ear: This was when I had finished modelling the head and subsequently modelled the neck and ear.

These commits were not committed to the main branch but instead a new branch called headmodelling.

In addition to this, I am also saving all my file versions locally as curupira001.blend, curupira002.blend and so on. However, I am not sure if having a repository with multiple branches makes this redundant. I will test this out in the coming days.

You can access my public repository by clicking the link, Rapid Ideation Session 2 which is located in the Repositories section in the right hand sidebar.


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