Our team has been brainstorming ideas for our game .

We have generally agreed that the game will consist of several levels with puzzles that reveal parts of the narrative. We have also had a running theme in which the environment starts out green and natural, but as time goes on, the environment starts to degrade and become more chaotic.

To tie this all together, we have attempted to build a narrative around the gameplay.

Below are some screenshots from our Miro board (Miro, 2021) which show the ideas I have come up with, as well as how my team mates have interacted and responded with these ideas.

I am starting to get anxious as we are already into the third week of our project but it has not got off the ground yet. It has been very difficult to get the team together at any given time as we all have wildly different schedules.

We have been assigned Giovanni as our supervisor for this project. We are trying to arrange to meet with him early this week for the first time. Hopefully then we will be able to develop some direction.

I think it may be a good opportunity to run some of our initial ideas by him and we could benefit from some external input to help finalise this game concept.

In the meantime, we need to work on getting both the team charter and game design document finalised so all team members are satisfied with it.


2021. Miro. San Francisco, CA: RealtimeBoard, Inc.

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