Tree of Life – More concept art

I have been working on the design of the tree of Life some more. I initially played with the idea of the portals being embedded within the tree of Life but as a team, we have since changed the idea so that the portals are scattered around the temple and that the tree of Life is a representation of the destruction of the environment.

Here is the next design that I came up with.

Very different to the previous one and i was experimenting with the idea of a smaller but wider tree. When I was drawing this, I was also still trying to get to grips with drawing on a drawing tablet (Autodesk Sketchbook for Android, 2021).

To aid me in getting the hang of digital drawing, I made use of this tutorial by my friend Joe Smith, who is also a graphic designer and illustrator (Smith, J., n.d). The tutorial breaks down how to draw a tree digitally, as well as how to block it out to make it easier to shade and colour.

I decided that I preferred my first design which had longer branches so I decided to work with this for my next drawing. In this time, we had also started to decide what form the temple is going to take and we are considering a temple in which the player climbs steps and enters each level as they progress.

To draw this next piece, I studied a picture of a tree I came across online that Iike the look of and then I worked out a colour scheme using the various shades of green and brown.

Once I worked out this colour scheme, I began sketching out the tree and then on another layer I sketched cuboid shapes that I would use as the basis to work out how light will make contact the tree.

I then blocked out all of the colour within the tree.

Once I did this, I started blending colours together and I applied highlights and shades. We have not yet finalised the design of the surrounding temple but we have at least descided that the tree will sit on top of a set of platforms which will have passageways to each level. I have blocked this out in this drawing.

As the design becomes more finalised, I will combine this with the tree design.


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Smith, J., n.d. How to draw a tree. [PDF] Available at: <> [Accessed 25 June 2021].

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