Plot for the game

A man wakes up on the beach on a rural island. He has no recollection of who he is, what happened before this point or how he got to the island. He walks to for a while before he comes to a nearby village. The village appears to be in complete disarray and the villagers are distressed. He tries to approach some of the villagers to ask where he is or what is going on, but they are immediately hostile towards him. He has no idea why these people are reacting this way towards him or what happened to the village. The villagers rally to capture him, but luckily he escapes.

After he is chased out of the village by the angry mob, he begins to explore the island and tries to work out where he is and who he is. As he goes to other places on the island and interacts with the locals, he initially begins carrying out tasks and running errands so that he can earn money to get off the island. Through interactions with various people, as well as exploring the island and carrying out various tasks for people, he soon begins to regain the ability to shapeshift into other animals and other people. The more he progress, he begins to regain his memories of what happened prior to being stranded on the island.

He soon remembers that he is not a human and not of this world – he is the Púca, a shapeshifting creature from the otherworld with the ability to shapeshift and take the form of any other creature. He learns that during the festival of Samhain, he and the other púca came from the otherworld and went to rural communities to recieve offerings from the harvest. The Púca approached the village that he was chased out of earlier and because they failed to provide any offerings for the Púca, he caused all sorts of chaos and trouble for the village. The Púca was chased out of the village and hid near the cliffs by a beach. The Púca slipped and fell and was knocked out, meaning that he did not make it back to the otherworld with all the other púca after the Samhain concluded.

The Púca must make allies on the island and win the favour of locals by carrying out various quests for them and use his abilities to protect them from those who seek to harm them. As the Púca progresses, he will regain his memory and with it, his shapeshifting abilities. Ultimately, the Púca must find a way to return to his original form and find a way to return back to the otherworld.

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