Build progress

I have continued building the framework for my RPG in Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine, 2021) using Virtus’ tutorial (Virtus, 2018). I am not yet done, but I have made a lot of progress.

I have now created two player characters, one with magic and one with sword fighting. I have worked out how to switch the default player character between both blueprints. While I will not use these specific characters in my final game, I will seek to use this as the foundation for the shapeshifting mechanic.

Here are the videos for both characters

Since the last post I have implemented the following:

  • Refined the destruct animation for the enemy AI
  • Creating a magic ability for the magic character that destroys the enemy AI
  • Adding cooldown by using timed delay after magic character uses attack or heal spells
  • Adding a UI message to notify player when they have run out of shapeshifting ability
  • Imported another player character with melee ability
  • Created an additional joint in the player character for binding weapons to
  • Added a weapon complete with box collision to character
  • Used Animation blueprints and blend spaces to add walking and melee animation
  • Creation of an AI for loot which appears when the Enemy AI is defeated
  • Refined the UI to include various abilities. I have designed my AI to accomodate the character’s shapeshifiting ability as well as special abilities. I have used the fill tool on the buttons to give an indication of when a cooldown is complete
  • Fixing various bugs such as glitchy transitions between animation cycles
  • Binding abilities to certain keys and making these variable between different player character blueprints


2021. Unreal Engine. Epic Games.

Virtus, 2018. Creating a Role Playing Game – Unreal Engine 4. Available at: <> [Accessed 16 February 2022].

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