End of Sprint 1: Sprint Retrospective

What went well?

I have worked out the mechanics for my game. I have taken standard mechanics that are used in both computer based and table top RPGs and I have modified them to fit the narrative of the game.

After much anxiety around my lack of programming knowledge, I have found that visual scripting is a viable alternative to writing code for building my game. I have build the foundations for a really good UI for my game prototype.

I already have an idea for a quest that I will use to showcase my game, which i will begin writing during the next sprint.

What went wrong?

I went several days without doing any work because I suffered a sharp decline in mental health, which I am now recovering from. This held back my progress and means that the building of the game will take longer.

For similar reasons, I did not initially put enough consideration into the project management systems that I would be using to manage the project. However, I was able to fix this last week by deciding to use a combination of the Kanban and Scrum Agile frameworks and I was able to get my project back on track. I will have the proper organisation in place for the remaining sprints of this project.

When I visited Falmouth, I brought the files for my game with me. Although I am building this game using Unreal Engine 4 and not the newly release 5, it transpires that the version of Unreal Engine 4 on the computers at the Falmouth Game Academy is slightly older and thus I could not open my project. I tried to work with my project by opening it on my MacBook but it was hard as it was very slow. These have slowed my progress with building my game further.

What could be improved

Now that I have worked out the mechanics of the game, as I am progressing through the video tutorial series on building a RPG, I should be more selective and critical about which videos I use. I should put more thought into whether the content of a specific video will be relevant to the creation of my game specifically or if I am able to skip the video. I will do this to speed up the process of creating the RPG framework.

I should also aim to finalise the back story of my character and the game during the next sprint.

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