End of Sprint 4: Sprint Review

In this post, I am going to weigh up the progress I made during Sprint 4 against the two SMART goals that I have established for myself for the entire project. I will assess the work I did during this sprint to see how far I met each of these goals.

To develop proficiency in Unreal Engine by designing and building a working prototype of a game over a period of three months.

My assessment of this goal will pretty much echo what I said during the last sprint review. I have gained more confidence and experience in using Unreal Engine to program a working game prototype and I need to keep this up for the next sprint.

To improve my 3D art skills within Blender by using the application to model, rig, texture and animate assets for a game over a period of three months.

I have not been able to look at this for the previous four sprints, but I have decided that this will become a focus of sprint 5.

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