End of Sprint 5: Sprint Review

In this post, I am going to weigh up the progress I made during Sprint 5 against the two SMART goals that I have established for myself for the entire project. I will assess the work I did during this sprint to see how far I met each of these goals.

To develop proficiency in Unreal Engine by designing and building a working prototype of a game over a period of three months.

I feel I have accomplished that and I have used a lot of techniques that I acquired through following tutorials to complete more aspects of the game,

To improve my 3D art skills within Blender by using the application to model, rig, texture and animate assets for a game over a period of three months.

Although this intended to become a priority for sprint 5, I found that I no longer have the time to dedicate to brushing up on this, as I have to fully prioritise implementing a minumum of 4 minutes worth of gameplay. I will have to accept that I will likely complete this entire project having not fulfilled this goal.

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