End of Sprint 6: Sprint Review

This is the final sprint review of the project. I am going to weigh up the progress I made during this sprint and indeed the entire project against my two SMART goals.

To develop proficiency in Unreal Engine by designing and building a working prototype of a game over a period of three months.

I largely achieved this goal although unfortunately towards the end of the project, I had to rush a lot of areas so there were certain things I did not take in as well as I could. I have developed confidence in building Blueprints that serve functions within my game. Additionally I was able to import character models and animations and use them to create characters in my game. I relied heavily upon online tutorials to develop proficiency in Unreal Engine but I developed confidence through taking what I learnt and experimenting with it to build the mechanics and gameplay for my game.

To improve my 3D art skills within Blender by using the application to model, rig, texture and animate assets for a game over a period of three months.

As mentioned, this did not get a look-in during this project. Now this project is complete, I am going to dedicate myself to improving my skills in Blender. To do this, I will apply a similar strategy that I used for teaching Unreal Engine and that is to take advantage of as many tutorials as I can, but I will allow myself to deviate from them where possible, so that I can better link my own creative style with the skills that I develop.

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