Progress with build so far

I have been building the framework for my RPG in Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine, 2021) and I have used a tutorial to help me (Virtus, 2018).

This video displays the progress I have made so far.

So far I have implemented the following:

  • Importing a model, as well as all its animations as a placeholder for the player character until I come to model the actual player chracter.
  • Using the Blend space function to combine different animation sequences together based on distance and speed
  • Using Animation Blueprints to establish a transition between different types of animations based on a set of conditions
  • Using visual scripting to trigger spell casting and walking by pressing a certain key
  • Using visual scripting to establish the system for gaining and losing health or shapeshifting energy, along with the speed at which it regenerates
  • Building a very basic UI blueprint that includes a functioning health bar and SE bar, as well as the framework for boxes that display abilities and a memory (XP) bar.
  • Beginning the creation of an enemy AI, complete with a destruct animation, but this is not functional yet.


Unreal Engine. Epic Games.

Virtus, 2018. Creating a Role Playing Game – Unreal Engine 4. Available at: <> [Accessed 16 February 2022].

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