Questions I need to address

While I feel I have worked out my game concept and how it will unfold, there are several questions that I still want to address and decisions I need to reach, relating to both the story itself and the gameplay. They are as follows:


  • Where does the púca wake up at the beginning of the game after wreaking havoc the night before? In a prison cell, where they need to find a way to escape or on a beach where they walk to the nearest island.
  • What causes the púca to pass out before the events of the game?
  • Will any of the villagers recognise the púca in human form and therefore attempt to attack him at the beginning?
  • Is the púca able to find a way back to the otherworld before the next Samhain festival or do they need to wait a whole year before then?
    • If the former, what will be the event that triggers the opening of a portal to the otherworld?
    • If the latter, will the quests just be a means of biding time?
  • Will any other mythological creatures appear during the course of the game? Which ones are friendly and which are hostile?
  • Will the púca have any guardians, human or monster that will help them on their journey back to the otherworld?
  • At what point does the púca become aware of where they came from and who they are?
  • At what point will the púca regain their true form? Will it be a gradual transition or will they regain that true form at once, having completed a particular stage of the game?


  • Shapeshifting
    • Should the player only get to choose the form they take at the beginning of a quest?
    • Can they change form during a quest?
    • Can they remain in a form indefinitley or is there a limit, i.e. time or usage of magic points, etc?
    • What limits should be imposed on how often the player can shapshift or where they can?
    • What forms can the player character take?
  • Are there multiple ways of completing a quest?
  • Can the player take on multiple quests at once or one at a time?
  • Should the combat be in real time or turn based?
  • As the player advances and gain experience, do they get to choose which of their forms gains a new ability?
  • Can the player use weapons?
    • Can all of the puca’s forms use weapons or just some of them?
  • Can the player choose the dialogue when interacting with non-player characters?

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