Scoping for the game

As one of this week’s challenge activities, I need to address some questions regarding the scope for the game (Week 2: Challenge Activity – Game Outline, n.d.).

What is the scope of the game?

I am going to develop at least one quest of this game as a verical slice that is part of a bigger game. I want to teach myself Unreal Engine so that I can build my game using it. I intend to block out my game using the assets that are built into Unreal Engine and I also intend to use Blueprints to help me program the game. When the game functional and playable, I will replace all the assets with my own, which I will model in Blender.

How many hours do you think it would take to produce or source each element of the game?

I still do not know how to properly scope for a game but here are some estimates which are based on how confident I am in each of these areas.

ElementEstimated number of hours
Game design40
Narrative design5
Art Direction60
Level design20
Sound design5

Which parts would you produce yourself, and where can you use premade assets?

ElementProduce myself or source from somewhere elseDescription
Game artCombination of assets I produce myself and source from elsewhereI want to become more proficient in Blender so I will model several of the player and non-player characters myself. I would also like to model the environment and various items in the game but this will depend on how I am doing for time
ProgrammingProduce myself I am not a confident programmer, but I cannot really source this from elsewhere. I intend to use Blueprint visual scripting to program my game. I will take advantage of various tutorials in order to do this.
StoryProduce myself (but will draw inspiration from mythology)The story is based around a character from Irish mythology and the game’s narrative will draw heavily from this. However, the story itself is original and written by me.
AnimationProduce myselfI will produce the animation for the characters and environment. I will need to decide whether to make these animations in Blender and transfer them over or animate directly in Unreal Engine, so I need to do some research on the animation workflow for Unreal Engine
Level designProduce myselfI will design the levels and block them out using Unreal Engine
Sound designSource elsewhereI will source royalty free music and sound effects from online

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