Start of Sprint 2

The second sprint has now started. I am starting to consider that sticking to 3 tasks only in a sprint is too stringent for this project and will probably slow down progress unnecessarily, so I have decided to increase the limit to 4 tasks now to see how I get on with this. If I find 4 tasks to be manageable, I will continue to work with this, otherwise I will reduce the limit back to 3 at the beginning of the next sprint.

Tasks completed during last sprint

  • Designing game mechanics

Tasks being carried over to this sprint from last sprint

  • Building RPG mechanics
  • Story

Tasks being brought into this sprint from the product backlog

  • Writing a quest
  • Animal form specifications

Tasks that have been put on hold

  • None

Tasks that have been newly added to the product backlog

  • Character modelling – Púca
  • Character modelling – Villagers
  • Shapeshifting mechanic
  • Game title font
  • Implementing quest


I will be continuing the process of building an RPG framework using Unreal Engine, as well as refining the story. Now that I have worked out the mechanics of the game, I will aim to modify the framework I have created in Unreal Engine to reflect this. I will also write a quest that I will create for the game prototype in order demonstrate these mechanics. I am also going to start considering the various forms the Púca can take and how this ties into the game mechanics and narrative.

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