Start of Sprint 3

For the beginning of this sprint, I have decided to remove the upper limit of 4 tasks I have imposed. This deviates from the Kanban framework, but I have found that as my project consists of a combination of longer tasks and shorter tasks, it makes little sense to have this cap imposed. While I will ensure that the tasks within a sprint will remain locked and cannot change, I will put more thought into the number of tasks that I can take on in a given sprint, based on how long they will take. I will review this at the end of this sprint to see if this works better for me.

During the last sprint, several minor tasks that were listed in the product backlog during the beginning of sprint 2 were completed as part of other bigger tasks. These tasks will forego being added to any subsequent sprint, as they can be moved straight to the tasks completed list. These tasks are listed below and are marked with a *.

Tasks completed during last sprint

  • Story
  • Writing a quest
  • Game title font*

Tasks being carried over to this sprint from last sprint

  • Building RPG mechanics

Tasks being brought into this sprint from the product backlog

  • UI Design
  • Mood boards
  • Colour schemes
  • Planning out quest
  • Shapeshifting mechanics

Tasks that have been put on hold

  • Animal form specifications

Tasks that have been newly added to the product backlog

  • Environmental modelling
  • Source sound effects


I have put in a lot of work to the programming and mechanic of my game, although I still have a long way to go here. I need to start thinking about the art direction and what art styles I should use. During this coming sprint, I need to start putting together some mood boards, establishing a colour scheme and also doing some concept art.

As for the building of my game, I will likely need to deviate from the RPG tutorial series I have been using in order to create the shapeshifting mechanic. I have decided to focus on this as it is crucial to the game.

Althoigh I have begun the design for the animal form specifications, I have decided to put this task on hold as I have designed the forms that I want to use in the quest I have written.

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