Start of Sprint 5

Tasks completed during last sprint

  • None

Tasks being carried over to this sprint from last sprint

  • Building RPG mechanics
  • Implementing quest
  • UI Design

Tasks being brought into this sprint from the product backlog

  • Character design for the Púca
  • Character modelling for the Púca
  • Character animation

Tasks that have been put on hold

  • Animal form specifications
  • Mood board
  • Colour schemes

Tasks that have been newly added to the product backlog

  • None

Tasks that have been removed from the product backlog or merged with another task

  • Planning out quest (merged with Implementing quest)


I have made more progress during this sprint and I now have the foundations with which to build my game prototype as well as a simple quest. I need to continue building the dialogue system and ensure that it works in a way that can impact the course of the game. I also need to add a mechanic that allows the enemy AI to fight the player and take health points away from the player character.

Once I have done this, I am going to put the remainder of the programming on hold so that I can do some character design and modelling, as this is in line with one of my SMART goals. I intend to at least create models for the Púca and all of the animal forms that appear in the game.

However, I am getting very aware that I have less than a month left and I may need to rely on various shortcuts for the rest of the art direction to ensure that I get this prototype done, namely the use of other people’s assets to build the environment as well as the creation of NPCs.

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