Start of Sprint 6

Tasks completed during last sprint

  • None

Tasks being carried over to this sprint from last sprint

  • Building RPG mechanics
  • Implementing quest
  • UI Design

Tasks being brought into this sprint from the product backlog

  • Sourcing sound effects
  • Sourcing music
  • Main menu

Tasks that have been put on hold

  • Animal form specifications
  • Mood board
  • Colour schemes
  • Character design for the Púca
  • Character modelling for the Púca
  • Character animation

Tasks that have been newly added to the product backlog

  • None


I have now reached the final sprint of this project. I have exactly 2 weeks left to produce a finished game prototype and a video of at least 4.5 minutes to accompany it. I have accepted that it is extremely unlikely I will get to do any of my own modelling and I will need to rely on other assets to finish the project. I now need to give full priority to implementing gameplay to showcase how the mechanics of this game work.

While it is disappointing that I will not get to look into Blender, I am keeping in mind that the project I have created can be expanded and worked into even after I have finished this unit. I intend to do this and when I do, I will put far more work into the art direction and this will involve modelling characters.

In addition to implementing the quest, I will also need to source some music as well as some sound effects to enhance the gaming experience. I also need to build a main menu, complete with a start button, credits and also possibly a screen to introduce the player to the game.

You will see above that I have moved several tasks into the On Hold list. All of these tasks, along with any other tasks that have been put on hold during the course of this project will remain on hold and are unlikely to get a look-in before this unit ends. This is symbolic of the fact that this game prototype is very much a work in progress and even when this unit comes to an end, I have something that I can work into and develop further past this unit.

I will now do whatever I can with what I have to ensure that this game prototype gets built to the best of my ability.

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