Making the map: Trees and bushes

Firstly, we have decided that we have come up with a name for the forest. It will be called the Progen Forest. We got this name by taking the term procedural generation and shortening it to Pro-gen. We chose this to allude to the fact that in the final game, we want the geography of the forest to be generated by an AI.

Tomas and I have had a call to discuss the map which will depict the Progen forest, as well as showing the player how much of the forest has been deforested and how much is still forested.

We have decided to set up the map in Unity using the Grid tool and to create each part of the forest by creating a tileset in Photoshop and then transferring over the elements over to a grid in Unity, where they can be used as assets for the forest map.

Tomas and I agreed to split the process of making the map between the two of us. Tomas will work on the terrain itself, namely the grass, paths, rocks and things like that, whereas I have been working on trees and bushes.

We have agreed that we will design to a 64x64px grid as that is fairly standard (Hackl, 2016).

I have drawn a few trees and bushes for the game map (Adobe Photoshop, 2021). You can see them below.

They are each different sizes but I have ensured that they stay within squares of 64×64 and that no part of them exceeds into the boundaries of another square.

I may refine these drawings in future to make them a bit more high angle. I may also draw a few more trees, bushes and plants when we have a bit more time.


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