Our game budget

We have scheduled 1 year of development for this game.  We have calculated the following one-off and recurring costs during the course of production. Our salaries have been decided on the basis that we will be working part time on this game.

One-off costs
Listing game on Steam£74 (Partner.steamgames.com. n.d.)
Listing game on GOGFree
Total one-off costs£74
Monthly costs
James’ salary£1,500
Tomas’ salary£1,500
Total cost of office space£1,006
Office space in East Grinstead£756
Office space in Prague£250 
Total cost of utilities£63
Utilities for East Grinstead office£43
Utilities for Prague office£20
Total cost of internet£61
Internet for East Grinstead office£26
Internet for Prague office£35
Adobe licence £59
Total monthly cost of production£4,189
Total cost of production for 1 year£50,342

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