Steam page mock-up

As part of the marketing materials we need to provide for this unit, I have create an authentic looking mock-up for a Steam page in Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop, 2021) that shows what our game will look like listed on Steam, which is one of the two platforms we intend to market our game on.

To design this page, I logged into Steam (Valve, 2021) and went to the store page for a random game and I took screenshots of numerous the elements of the page and then pasted them into Photoshop. I then digitally altered them to include the information for Woodland Chaos.

I checked what font faces Steam use and then I sourced them. I used these fonts to write the copy for the game description, as well as any other specifications. I also included the logo I designed, as well some screenshots from the game. The screenshots are a combination of mock-ups, as well as screenshots from the game which Tomas is presently putting together.


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2021. Steam. Kirkland, Washington, US: Valve.

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