Team formed

I have managed to form a team with one other person. He is called Tomas Korec and from what I can see, he is from a programming background, which would work well with my artistic background.

I explained to him my interest in building a point and click adventure and it seems that he is on board with this too.

We have taken a phone conversation in which we chatted more about our backgrounds, but also what we hope to get out of this unit (Korec, T and Waters, J. 2021. ). We have initially agreed to use WeChat as a form of communication (WeChat, 2021) as that is an instant messaging service we both us. We have also agreed to meet at every Tuesday at 4pm (UK time) to catch up with one another and to track our progress. We will meet more frequently if we decide it is necessary.

As yet, we do not have an idea for our game, but we intend to use Miro for rapid ideation. We will also use a Trello board for tracking our progress. The trello board can be found in the right hand toolbar under the name of ‘Indie Game Startup‘. It is currently bare, but I will begin to add more content to it, as the project develops.


Korec, T and Waters, J. 2021. [Phone call to discuss project] (personal communication, 28/09/21)

2021. WeChat. Tencent Holdings Limited.

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