Woodpecker scene

Tomas and I have begun constructing scenes that will appear in the Woodland Chaos game. We agreed that I would build the woodpecker scene, Tomas would build the beehive scene and we would both work on the map view together (Korec, T and Waters, J. 2021.).

When I designed the woodpecker workshop in Photoshop (Adobe. 2021.), I designed it so that it could be easily imported into a Unity scene. I imported this scene into Unity.

I then created the Owl sprite by importing each of the sets of animation sequences into Unity ( Unity Technologies, 2021). I then used the Animator tool to set up the sequences so that the walk sequence plays when the owl moves but when the owl is still, the idle sequence is played. (Brackeys, 2018.)

I have added a placeholder sprite for the woodpecker, but this does not have any animation as yet.

I also added some script that allows the owl to walk around the screen (Invictus Interactive, 2020.). For the most part, this works, however, the owl is only capable of doing the walk cycle in one direction – right to left. If the owl is moving to the right, his sprite does not flip around. I have found plenty of tutorials on how to use scripting to change the direction of a sprite in a game which involves a keyboard, such as a platformer game, but I cannot find any for a mouse driven game such as this one.

Here is the progress I have made so far.


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