Issues we have had with the build

We are required to submit a prototype for our game Woodland Chaos. Our game has limited playability; however, we have created two builds for the game which cover everything that we have completed.

The first of these is a build which only works on Mac. The reason this only works on Mac is because this build was made on Tomas’ Mac and for some reason, if you are running Unity on a Mac, it is not possible to build for Windows and presumably vice versa.

The Mac version can be downloaded here.

Tomas also attempted to create a WebGL version of the prototype so that Windows users could play the game too. The link for this build can be found here.

However, if you click this link, you will find that this does not work either and that the load screen locks at 90%. You will likely see a screen like this…

Feedback would be great if it helps us to fix our build!

Tomas and I made several attempts to rectify this and searched online for some answers. We found that this is a relatively common problem ( WebGL unplayable – stuck at 90 percent, 2017) that can usually be fixed by going to the project settings and disabling compression (Hackingtons, 2022). We tried this but unfortunately it did not fix the problem,

We are now in a position whereby the deadline for this unit is tomorrow so we have no more time to work on this. We now have a prototype which does not fully function, so we are going to have to bank on the fact that we have a really strong game concept if we are going to get high marks for this unit.


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