End of Sprint 2: Sprint Retrospective

What went well?

I have made a huge amount of progress with building the foundations for my RPG, which I am able to tweak as I see fit. I also managed to complete several tasks I listed in my product backlog through the completion of much larger tasks. I also wrote an idea for a quest that I will use for the game prototype, which has two possible options for being completed.

I have encountered very few technical problems during this process, but any that did arise, I felt able to resolve in contrast to previous projects I have done during this degree.

What went wrong?

I suffered neck and back pains during the first week of sprint 2, meaning I had to take a few days off from degree work. This may have slowed my progress.

What could be improved

I need to start considering the art style for my game. I will do this through the creation of mood boards and a colour palette. I also need to begin doing some concept art for the characters and environment.

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