Exterior views for cave and glade

Tomas and I spoke on Tuesday and we went over the outstanding tasks that need to be done for this project, seen as we have less than 2 weeks left (Korec, T and Waters, J. 2021.).

Tomas has largely been working on the scripting for the game to ensure that it functions in the way it is supposed to. Tomas has also been working on the map using the tilesets I made in Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop, 2021).

The map needs to have each of the locations displayed on it so the owl can fly to them. For the vertical slice, we agreed that I would design exteriors for the following scenes:

  • Bear’s cave
  • Tree with beehive
  • The woodpecker’s workshop (possibly in the form of a treehouse)
  • The glade.

However, Tomas finished scripting earlier than expected, so this evening he has offered to take on drawing the exteriors for the tree with beehive and the woodpecker’s workshop.

In the meantime, I have created the exteriors for the glade and the bear’s cave. As I designed the assets for the map according to squares of 64×64 pixels, I did the same for the bear’s cave and glade. They are each 128x182pixels, which consists of four squares. Here they are…

The bear’s cave
The glade

Tomas will add each of these to the map we have created in Unity and then create the functionality that means that the owl enters the location when he flies to it on the map.


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