Second Rapid Ideation Day 11: Beginning texture

You will notice a day missing – day 10. As I had other commitments this weekend, I did not have time to work on my model yesterday.

I have been able to start texturing today (Blender, 2021). To do this, I followed Lile’s tutorial (Lile, D., 2020.) and I learnt about Material channels which allow me to apply multiple textures to a model. I did this to allow me to apply multiple textures to the Curupira character, as well as his leaf belt.

I have moved through texturing fairly quickly and I have not had much time to spend on it as I am getting closer to the deadline and I would like to be able to move onto rigging, so that I can animate the character and bring him into Unity so that I can fulfil more of my goal.

I know, however, that texturing is an area I would like to develop further in future.

So far, I have applied a skin colour to the character as well as texture for his underwear and also a bracet around his arm.

I have also added colour to his leaf belt.

Here is how he looks.

I have also added colour to the inside of his mouth, including teeth and gums.

Texturing is not finished yet but I will continue tomorrow. I still have yet to texture his eyes and his necklace. If I have time, I will try to refine some of the existing texture too.


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Lile, D., 2020. Blender 2.8 Character Creation | LinkedIn Learning, formerly [online] LinkedIn Learning. Available at: [Accessed 21 March 2021].

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