Second Rapid Ideation Session Day 2: Character sheet in place

I have just added both the side view and the front view to the blender file using the Image tool (Blender, 2021). I have aligned them so that the front view is 2 meters away from the centre on the Y axis and the side view is -2m away from the centre on the X axis (Lile, D., 2020).

The block in the centre is there as a point of reference and to help me measure how big the model should be in relation to the drawings.

I am not going to model in the perspective view pictured above, as that is not very practical, but I will instead model in side and front view so that I can model precisely against the reference.

GitHub repository

I have made one more commit to the repository to ensure that this blender file is now uploaded (Github Desktop, 2021). I have commited it straight to the main branch of my repository, which seems to have overwritten the previous commit.


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Github, Inc. 2021. Github Desktop (2021). [Software]

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