End of Sprint 4: Sprint Retrospective

What went well?

I am continuing to learn how to use Unreal Engine to program a working prototype and it is beginning to resemble the game more closely. I have created functions that allow levelling up, as well as a system for building quests.

What went wrong?

The main tutorial series I have been using to build the RPG does not go into buidling a dialogue function for the game, which is crucial. I looked for other tutorials that cover this. The first one I found was very rushed and proved to not work properly, meaning I wasted a large amount of time on it.

I then found another tutorial which is much better and is helping me to build a dialogue system. However, I became stuck at one stage and I had to redo a lot of the tutorial again as I could not locate the source of the issue. I have resolved this and I am continuing the construction of the dialogue system. I will document this in my blog when it is done.

What could be improved

I have deprioritised art direction for a sizeable amount of this project precisely because this is an area where I feel confident. However, as there is now more days spent on this project behind me than ahead of me, I need to consider this area. I will do this by modelling and rigging some characters using the 3D package, Blender.

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