Idea for a quest story

In this post, I will write up my idea for the quest that I will use to showcase my game’s mechanics in the demo. I will write this as a story in this post and in a later post, I will go more into the design aspects of how I will implement this quest.

The Púca discovers a piece of land in which impoverished and undernourished people work on the land. When the Púca speaks with the people carrying out labour, he discovers that they are serfs who are not allowed to leave the land and are forced to carry out gruelling, back breaking work to make profit for the lord that owns the land. The Púca vows to track down the lord and make sure that he frees the serfs who work the land and distrubute the wealth fairly. The Púca must now hunt down and confront the lord to ensure that this happens.

The Púca makes his way to the lord’s manor, which is heavily guarded. The púca either must fight past the guards or use his shapeshifting to sneak past them to gain access to the manor. The Púca tries to communicate with the lord’s domestic servants to find out where the lord is. The Púca discovers that the lord has gone to an inn at a nearby town to have a drink with his friend.

There will be two ways that this quest can be completed.

First ending

The Púca travels to the inn and directly confronts the lord. The Púca asks the lord why he exploits the workers on the land and how he gained the land. The lord explains that he gained the land because he inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his grandfather, who in turn inherited it from his great-grandfather and so on. When the Púca asks how his great-great-great grandfather inherited the land, the lord replies that he fought for it. The Puca decides that in that case, he will fight the lord for the land.

The lord and the Púca get into a fight. The Púca can shapeshift into a form that has particularly good combat proficiency or high Strength and Resilience modifiers.

If the Púca wins the fight, the Púca wins the land and decides to distribute ownership of the land to the newly freed serfs.

Second ending

The Púca travels into the inn in the form of an ordinary patron, so as to not bring attention to himself. He sees the lord and his friend drinking together. His friend goes to use the toilet. The Púca sneaks in and fights his friend. He knocks the friend out and then shapeshifts to resemble this friend. In the form of the friend, the Púca sits next to the lord. A high charisma score would be beneficial for convicing the lord that you are indeed his friend and not an impersonator.

In the form of his friend, you encourage the lord to drink more until he is very drunk. As the lord is leaving, the Púca sneaks outside and shapeshifts into the form of a horse. The Púca convinces the lord to get on his back. The horse then takes the lord for a fast and terrifying ride. The terrified lord begs him to stop. The Púca then warns the lord and tells him to free the serfs and distribute the land among them, otherwise he will be back for him.

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